Final Thesis

ADVICE ABOUT THE PLACE:    the place on which projective generation is located in Palermo, Sicily, which is degenerate further . the city grew past East (venue) but I fail to materialize urban planning, resulting in the appearance of residual areas for parking and gardens improvised, lacking sanitation.

TARGET:    the idea is to reunite the coastal strip starting PALERMO largely by the peninsula on which the park is projected to produce a second urban core with many entity, posing a park or green lung with a range of uses and endowments that serve as a attractor of citizens, venting the classic city center and promoting sustainable growth environment.

FORMAL GENESIS:    the formal approach is based on opposing forms both within the project , through paraboloids geometries of the benches, and between the project itself and the environment. orthogonality facing the urban environment with the dynamism and fluidity of the proposal.

PROGRAM:    the creation of a number of general areas with interrelated own uses transitional spaces , and these aerial bridges or underpasses between terraces . uses are in mostly sheltered from the elements through its geographical location within the terraces always lit with large green courtyards .

ENERGY RESOURCES:    clean energy is the future, fosibles fuel reserves are running out. will not pollute our way to redeem before nature. mills use wind farms and solar trees for energy harvesting and urban elements also as a way to excel over other urban solutions .

SENSATIONS:    and design future together creating a new way of looking at architecture , in which a vertical plane loses its meaning , since the soil is reached and this wall become turn ceiling , creating a unit as a project.

BUILDING SYSTEMS:    concrete as the principal element in the construction of buildings and the soil itself and fiberglass element as fluid forms essential parts of the park.